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DEVOURMENT - Cognitive Sedation Butchery (Official Visualizer)
Metal Sucks

Channel: Metal Sucks | Visit site  |  3325 views  |  0 comments
Obscene Majesty is out August 16 on CD/LP/Digital
Pre-Order via Relapse.com Here: http://bit.ly/devourmentom
Digital Downloads/Streaming: http://ffm.to/devourmentom

Subscribe to Relapse Records Channel: http://bit.ly/RelapseYouTube.

Official Links:

DEVOURMENT on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DevourmentOfficial
DEVOURMENT on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/devourmentofficial/
DEVOURMENT on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DevourmentBand
DEVOURMENT on Bandcamp: https://devourment.bandcamp.com



Dreaming nightmares under heavy sedation.
Scalpels slicing deep into me ? Consumed by the pain.

Dissection administered through deception.
Pseudo-scientific experiments.
Insane torture ? I lie conscious.
Paralyzed, yet I feel agony.

Taken under the knife.
Mindless vivisection.

Incompetent breach of ethics by unqualified medical practitioners.

Cognizant sedate butchery.
Intraoperative awareness achieved.
Evisceration and dismemberment.
Intense suffering of my worldly being.
From above I view the carnage.
Indiscriminate removal of my limbs.
Cauterizing my every bleeding wound.
The pain intensifies, they laugh hysterically.

Morbid desecration, hideous segmentation.

Lying limbless.
Forsaken flesh.
Death now lingers.

Grinding and hacking and hemorrhaging upon the table -
Exposed insides writhing.
Entrails and organs removed as I watch.
Wounds pulsing, heart pumping - Cruelty through disseverment.

Psychotic surgical extractions.
Hacksaw rips through my neck - Total decapitation.

Random body parts from various dead -
Sewn and transplanted insides, limbs and a rotting head.

Extending life through the vilest procedures.
Revived with a hunger for living human flesh.

Reincarnated to consume the masses. With unrivaled strength I infect the earth.
Nothing will stop me from swallowing blood.
Inhuman, immortal, necrotized incarnation.

Condemned to a life of death.
Mindless, cannibalistic teratoid killing machine.

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